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Proposal of Agenda for the 2009 EITF Congress in Zrece

  • agenda (size: 89kB, file-type: PDF)

EITF Logo competition

  • announcement (size: 11kB, file-type: PDF)

ITF Newsletter

  • Letter (size: 93kB, file-type: PDF)

Draft: Constitution of the All European Taekwon-Do Federation

  • Draft (size: 103kB, file-type: RTF - MS Word)

Proposal of Agenda for the General Assembly in Tallinn

  • Agenda (size: 26kB, file-type: MS Word)

A.E.T.F Competition Rules

  • Rules (size: 130kB, file-type: PDF)

Rules for obtaining status of “A-class” tournament

  • Rules (author: Anto-Toni Nobilo, size: 48kB, file-type:  MS         Word)

3rd AETF Newsletter

  • Letter Nr. 03-2007, (author: Anto-Toni Nobilo, size: 13kB, file-type:        PDF)

1st Pro Taekwon-Do Tournament

  • Invitation (author: Anto-Toni Nobilo,        size: 13kB, file-type: PDF)

2nd AETF Newsletter

  • Letter Nr. 02-2007, (author: Rita Helme, Ladislav Burian, size: 118kB,        file-type: PDF)

1st AETF Newsletter

  • Letter Nr. 01-2007 (size: 39kB; file-type: MS Word)