1st Czech E-Open Tournament

The first Taekwon-Do ITF Czech E-Open tournament
The pandemic situation is unfortunately not getting any better and what seemed as a few week affair a year ago, is still here today. But all Taekwon-Do practitioners are fighters and they are not only looking for training options with gyms closed, but also for a way to compete, even in times of very strong restrictions.
A year ago, most of us couldn’t even imagine online trainings, training camps, seminars and for sure any kind of competition.
Sadly, the Covid time and its very limited options had thought us what is possible. Although some very strict restrictions had come in force by the beginning of March, we would like to invite you on the first Taekwon-Do ITF Czech E-Open.
All the rules and requierments for your recorded patterns are available in propositions.
Believe that we did everything we could to make sure that everyone with at least a yellow belt can compete. The main goal is to gain motivation for drilling patterns and come to some more positive thoughts, which are very much needed these days.
Even though propositions say “bare foot,” we will tolerate sport shoes for competitors performing outside.
Grab your dobok, belt, anything you can record with and send us your patterns. Maybe YOU will become the winner of the first Czech E-Open!
Note: as of time of releasing this article, we are still waiting for our competition to be added to the Cyber Arena, which means that registration will not be possible in the next few days, but you can still record your patterns and send them as soon as the registration begins
Master Ondřej Vrábel    
Director of the Czech E-OPEN competition
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Europe ITF Taekwon-do Federation
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Europe ITF Taekwon-do Federation
Europe ITF Taekwon-do Federation

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