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EITF activities


    thessaloniki 2016 IT Taekwon-do

    European Championships 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece - General Info Pack UPDATE (January 20, 2016) and a List of invited Umpires published


    General info pack for European Championships 2016 update January 20, 2016

    General Info Pack EC Greece 2016 (v2) download


    Umpires for EC 2016

    List of invited Umpires for EC 2016 download


    Championships official web site; http://ec2016.itf-taekwondo.gr/





    International Umpire Course - London, England

    11th-13th March 2016, Hollyday Inn at London Gatwick Airport

    Please download the INVITATION and ENTRY FORM.

    International Umpire Course 2016 England


    Prnjavor Open 2016

    March 12th 2016, Prnjavor, Bosnia and Herzegovinaion DOWNLOAD



    Czech Open 2016 - Cup of Europe

    March 19 – 20, 2016,  The Sport Centre Nymburk, Sportovní 1801/2, Nymburk, Czech Republic

    Please download INVITATION and ENTRY FORM





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