Executive Board

GM Michael E. Prewett

Function: EITF President / President of the Umpire committee
Country: Wales
E-mail: itfwales@aol.com

GM Yuri Kalsnhikov

Function: Vicepresident for the North-East region
Country: Russia

GM Leslie Hutchinson

Function: Vicepresident for the North-West region
Country:  Scotland E-mail: masterles9@gmail.com

Master Mario Bogdanov

Function: Vicepresident for the South-East region
Country: Bulgaria
E-mail: bft_itf@abv.bg

Master Ruggiero Lanotte

Function: Vicepresident for the South-West region
Country: Italy
E-mail: dott.ruggierolanotte@gmail.com

Master Alan Clark

Function: Secretary general
Country: England
E-mail: alan.clark@uk2.net

Mr. Ladislav Burian

Function: President of the Tournament committee and Treasurer
Country: Czech Republic
E-mail: ladislav.burian@exchange4u.cz

Mr. Tomaz Kos

Function: Treasurer
Country: Slovenia
E-mail: tomaz.kos@siol.net

Europe ITF Taekwon-do Federation

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