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EITF European Championships 2020 invited Umpires

Dear Grand Masters, Masters and NGB Presidents,
The EITF Umpire Committee have once again reviewed the performances of all Umpires from previous EITF Championships, and as a result the following Umpires are invited to the next European EITF Championships in Prague, Czech.
All Umpires are required to arrive by 1200 Hrs on Tuesday 21st April and remain until the Tournaments conclusion. Umpires requested to help with ‘weight control’ must arrive on the evening of Sunday 19th.

PRAGUE, 2020


Master Rostislav Kaňka Czech Host Country
Jan Weidlich Czech Host Country
Zbyněk Mácha Czech Host Country
Jakub Geyer Czech Host Country
Petr Smejkal Czech Host Country
Alan Kajzar Czech Host Country
Tomáš Kuba Czech Host Country
Lucie Lienerová Czech Host Country
Jakub Novotný Czech Host Country
Ivan Jaram Croatia South West
Josip Knežević Croatia South West
Master Rugerio Lanotte Italy South West
Raffaele Ardito Italy South West
Karol Molnar Slovakia South West
Miha Kos Slovenia South West
Stefan Cresnar Slovenia South West
Master Murat Sunetov Russia North East
Master Sergey Kalantaev Russia North East
Edward Brinin Russia North East
Denis Radilov Russia North East
Marina Fedorova Russia North East
Sofia Tarianova Russia North East
Olga Ryazantseva Russia North East
Vladislav Makarov Ukraine North East
Alexander Sleptsov Ukraine North East

Volodimir Taranin Ukraine North East
Ievgen Maistrenko Ukraine North East
Volodimir Isakovich Ukraine North East
Valerii Asotskyi Ukraine North East
Yurii Vdovitskyi Ukraine North East
Sergei Mashara Estonia North East
Fakhritdin Umarov Belarus North East
David Tee England North West
Jackie Harris England North West (Weight control)
Jenny Taverner England North West
Master James Kessler England North West
Master Paul Harris England North West (Weight control)
Master Philip Taverner England North West
Master Andrew Whiteley France North West
Master Floyd Keane Ireland North West
Tim Collins Ireland North West
Master Johan Groen Netherlands North West
Master Peter Vergroeson Netherlands North West
Master John Reilly Scotland North West
Master Claire Crosby Scotland North West
Master Frank Diaz Spain North West
Thomas Salas Spain North West
Antonio Lopez Spain North West
Master Carlos Martin Spain North West
Michael Barker Wales North West
Darren Johns Wales North West
Gareth Davies Wales North West
Igor Tadic Bosnia South East
Miljan Cosic Bosnia South East

Kostadin Dimitrov Bulgaria South East
Borislav Vitkov Bulgaria South East
Zheliazko Gagov Bulgaria South East
Svetoslav Hristov Bulgaria South East
Lubomir Piskuliyski Bulgaria South East
Silvia Ilieva Bulgaria South East
Nikolay Spassov Bulgaria South East
Master Georgios Papadiotis Greece South East
Vaya Haralampidou Greece South East
Dimitrios Katirtsidis Greece South East
Master Kanakis Stylianos Greece South East
Vetsikas Eythimios Greece South East
Theodosios Raptis Greece South East
Master Mircea Muntean Romania South East


Europe ITF Taekwon-do Federation
Europe ITF Taekwon-do Federation
Europe ITF Taekwon-do Federation
Europe ITF Taekwon-do Federation
Europe ITF Taekwon-do Federation

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